García Ibañez María

Madrid, España, 1978 Lives and works between Madrid and México. In my recent projects I tackle issues related to the analysis of identity, in relation to mobility, migration (physical and / or psychological) involving a review of the origin. The drawing is an essential part of my process, it is the basis that supports and complements the body of my work, cause it allows me to open discursive proposals and point at issues that concerns me and that somehow, more or less directly, are involved in my work; as the system of ground layers, stratigraphic formation of mountains and volcanoes, the historical distribution of human settlements, chronological classification of sedimentation, histology, sections of tissues or organs, anatomy and landscape. I like working from different perspectives and with different techniques depending on the project and although there are parts that can function as independent elements, and have a global installative orientation, that can be composes and adjusted to specific spaces to generate a reading of connections, more complete and broader. María García Ibáñez’s recent projects and exhibitions include: “Levantamiento” (Spanish Cultural Center, Mexico City, 2019), “Geometría de un hueco”(Solo show at PazyComedias Gallery, Valencia, 2016), “Annámesis” (with Javier Leon Perez at Puerta Roja Gallery, Hong Kong, 2106), “Cóncavo” (Solo show at Galeria Paula Alonso, Madrid, 2015) , “Arada” (Solo show at Guijarro de Pablo, Mexico City, 2015), “Fühlst du nicht an meinen liedern dass ich eins und doppelt bin” (Collective show at Gallery Peter Kilchmann, Suisse, 2015), “Tierras Continuas” (Solo show at AJG Gallery, Seville, 2014), “The Prehistory of the Image” (STUK Center, Belgium, 2014), “Recollective” (Solo show at Galeria Puerta Roja, Hong Kong, 2014), “Micrographia” (Puerta Roja & Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, 2013), “Apuntes para una Madriguera” (Solo show at Miscelánea, Mexico DF, 2012). María has obtained different grants like Production Grant for International Exhibitions C12 (Oaxaca, Mexico, 2012), International Fellowship for artists (Spanish Ministry of Culture, Spain, 2012), Grant C11 In Mexico (AECID, CONACULTA, FONCA, 2009), International Fellowship for artists (Matadero, Contemporary Art Center Madrid, Spain, 2008), International Grant for artists (Spanish Ministry of Culture. Spain, 2008).